Target Stack

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Target allows you full control over where you would like to position your stacks. You can target the stack to position itself on top of its parent stack. You can also position it relative to the browser window so that it always floats in the same exact location. You can float the content to the left or right. Lastly, Target can even rotate your content! This is your one stop shop for stack positioning.

image thumbnail
image thumbnail

Float Positioning

rotated 270°

rotated 90°


Relative Positioning

Bottom Left

Top Left


Bottom Right

Top Right

Real Life Use Case

The above demos illustrate what can be done with the Target stack conceptually. Below is a real-life example of how you can combine two different stacks to create an awesome layout. This example uses the Cycler and Letterpress stacks. Your imagination is really the limit with what you can do with Target. You can place any stack to you want, anywhere on the page!

I assume that you noticed the Post-it Note (the text is not an image) at the top and the text bar at the bottom of this product page. Yes, those are done with Target as well.

Stacks Image 86591
Stacks Image 86593
Stacks Image 86595
Stacks Image 86597

Letterpress + Cycler

The Target stack will be your one stop shop for positioning stacks anywhere on your webpage. Just like this and more...

Stacks Image 7353

Target Rocks!