SqueezeBox Stack

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SqueezeBox gives you a wonderful way to present content to your users in an organized stylish way. You can split your content into sections that can be expanded and collapsed. SqueezeBox supports responsive design as well as linking to individual sections.

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  • Clean and Flexible

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    SqueezeBox provides a very clean interface to present your data to your customers. The section titles support only text, however, the content for each section can contain anything that you want.

    You have control over the scroll speed, animations and whether one or more section can be open at the same time.

  • Mobile Friendly

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    SqueezeBox has the ability to adjust the section title font size for mobile devices. If you want the section content to also be responsive, we suggest that you use our Responsive Layout stacks inside SqueezeBox.

  • Extra Arrow Media

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    SqueezeBox ships with additional arrows that you can use to further customize the look and feel.

  • Want More Styling?

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    If you throw SqeezeBox inside a Letterpress Box stack, then you can some really amazing new styles that you can use to tweak the section titles. Have a look at how this was done on the RapidWeaver Book Website.