SpecialFx Stack

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The SpecialFx stack will allow you to add some cool effects to your stacks. You can achieve 1000 different effects! Effects can happen on page load, on hover, click, and even by clicking a link or button. These effects can be used to draw attention to a section of your page, reveal new content and hide it away.

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image thumbnail

If it has not loaded already, a box will be displayed below this line 5 seconds after page load.
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Stacks Image 79599
Stacks Image 79602

This box appears after 5 seconds. reload page to see it in action.

These buttons all demonstrate effects and even combine them (albeit annoying!)
Click on them to reveal more effects!

Stacks Image 79630
Stacks Image 79637
You have only seen a glimpse of what effects you can achieve with this stack.

Hover over this text to reveal its awesome creator…
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