Liftoff Stack

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Liftoff is a countdown stack that will always launch on time! As soon as the timer reaches zero, the timer itself will be hidden and your desired content will be displayed! All of this happens dynamically so your users don't need to worry about refreshing the page.

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We Go LIVE In…

Once the above timer reaches zero (or a configured pre-launch time), a special stacks container, that is currently hidden, with be unveiled.

After 10 secs (a configureable time), that content that was unveiled, will slide up and cover the countdown timer as well as the stack containers above and below it.

How cool is that!!! ;-)
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We Have Liftoff!!!

If you are seeing this message, the countdown container has already reach zero. Until we reset the countdown timer, you can check out the LiftOff Stack on our Live Webcast Page.