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Font Awesome

Font Awesome icons are an amazing way to display icons on your website in leu of a bunch of small images. Because Font Awesome is a font, you can scale the icons to any size without losing quality, even on retina displays. This stack set is the feature rich. You can style your icons beautifully with ease. There are also handy stacks for creating paragraph and list accents.

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Font Awesome is really great! There are 360+ icons that you can use in so any ways. Because these icons are all stored as a font, you can use them as much as you want on a page with zero performance impact.

For example, let's say that you have 10 various different image icons on your webpage. If you were to replace those with Font Awesome, users would only have to download 1 font file versus 10 different images. That is awesome (pun intended)!

Another benefit of Font Awesome being a font is that you can scale the icons to any size that you want without loss of quality. This include retina displays!

Check out WeaverCast Show 14 where we reviewed Font Awesome. This stack set will make everything that was reviewed in that podcast easier.

So Many Icons

This is just a handful of icons available in Font Awesome. Make sure that you check out the full list of icons.

Stylish Icons

Flat Icons

Cool Shadows

Sweet Containers

Custom Sizing

Rotate & Flip


Stacked Icons

Content Accents


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  • Awesome List Stack
  • Customize bullets with icons
  • Powered by Font Awesome
  • Easy to use