Dispatch Server Stack

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Dispatch Server

Obtaining files using email is just not very efficient and file sharing sites are inconvenient and full of spam. This is where Dispatch can help save the day. You can create a beautiful file upload page on your website and have the files go directly into your web server or remote server via SFTP. Dispatch is jammed full of features including emailing you when a new file has been uploaded.

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Dispatch Features

  • Style controls for every nook and cranny of the form fields, buttons and queue.
  • Customizable integrated form to obtain data form your customers in addition to their files.
  • Drag and drop file support on HTML5 Compatible browsers (IE10+)
  • Fully responsive so that your users can upload files from their compatible mobile devices.
  • Limits files to be uploaded by both file extension and file size.
  • Run actions after successful upload: redirect to url, launch SpecialFx stack, email and upload meta data with form data.
  • Rename files after upload to prevent overwriting of existing files.
  • Localize all the text throughout the stack into your own language.

Simple Upload Form


Full Form with Password


Split Form with Sweet Buttons