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DomainBrain for OS X Acquired by Aspect Services - Domain Management

Antioch, CA    Aug 24, 2011

Antioch, California - Joe Workman of Aspect Services today is pleased to announce his acquisition of DomainBrain from the original developer One Button Mouse. DomainBrain 2.02 for Mac OS X offers an integrated solution for storage and management of all domain related data. For each domain or site URL the app provides five different windows in which the user may store data: FTP/WebDAV, Database, Content Management, Hosting, and Registrar. Featuring password protection, customizable data categories, table categories, iCal integration, nested folders, and auto-import from the WHOIS database, DomainBrain keeps all the details in one place. Designed especially for those who own two or more domain names, and webmasters and web designers who must keep track of server and login information for websites they maintain, the application provides a centralized location for storing FTP, SSH, database, registrar data, CMS Admin account, etc.

Feature Highlights
  • Customizable Data Categories - Add or delete multiple instances of a category or create custom categories and fields

  • Table Categories - Category type for tabular data such as email lists

  • iCal Integration - Set reminders for domain expiry dates in iCal

  • Optional Password Protection - Password protect all data with AES encryption for extra security

  • Nested folders - User may organize their domain library according to their own needs

  • Show/Hide Categories - Display or hide categories on a per-domain basis

  • Auto-Populate from WHOIS Database - Fill in expiry date and server name in the Registrar window

  • CSV Import/Export - All data may be imported or exported as a CSV file

Category Types:
  • FTP/WebDAV: Directory and login info for file transfers

  • Database: Hostname and login info for a database associated with the domain

  • Content Management: Admin login info for blogging software or other CMS on the site

  • Hosting: Login info for the admin area of the web hosting company for the selected domain

  • Registrar: Login info for the company where this domain name is registered

  • Table: Good for holding a list of tabular data with a variable number of entries, such as a list of email addresses

  • Custom: Users can create any combination of fields to create a window with a custom category

Field Types:
  • Text: A single line of text

  • Multi-line text: Multiple lines of text

  • URL: When a URL field is filled in, a link button appears that launches the URL in the default browser or FTP client

  • Path: Used in the FTP category to specify a path to use when connecting with the default FTP client

  • Username: A single line of text used for a username

  • Password: May be displayed as plain text or unreadable, bulleted text

  • Date: Holds a date

  • Expiry Date: Holds an expiry date, and can be synced to iCal for expiration reminders

  • Separator: A horizontal rule used to separate sections in a category

  • Subheader: A labeled subhead used to divide sections in a category

"If you've ever wasted time looking for some urgently needed domain data, then DomainBrain is the answer," said developer Joe Workman. "Now you can keep all that essential, if rarely used, data stored in any easy-to-access, dedicated database."

System Requirements:
  • OS X 10.5 or greater

  • 4.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:

DomainBrain 2.02 is $29.95 (USD) and available for download directly from the developer's website. Also available for download is a free demo that will manage only one domain. Review copies are available upon request.

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