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I am so excited today to announce a side project that I have been working on: The Weaver’s Space. Its a new online community for RapidWeaver users. 

Over the years I have used many platforms to communicate with my users. The first successful one was Glassboard. It was a great platform but in the end had to close its doors. After that we tried a few others but ultimately landed on Google+. Our Google+ group has been a massive success. So why move? Well Google has been changing things around and the new interface is not going in the direction that many of us like. 

By using a service for my community, I am giving up control of both the data and the future existence of the community. What is to say that Google closes down groups and my community and all of its history is gone. 

So I embarked on a journey to host my own community, where I have full control over the interface and have the peace of mind that it will be around for years to come. At first, this community was only going to be for my customers. However, I came to the conclusion that was a selfish point of view. If I were going to take the time to build an online community, I should make it available to everyone. This is when Weaver’s Space was born. 

Over time, I hope that more of the RapidWeaver developers come aboard. Once I feel that the server and applications hit a stable point, I will start allowing other developers to create their own spaces inside Weaver’s Space. 

I am really excited to to have this new community. I have a lot more things planned for it in the future. So head on over, sign up and help us make this new community great!

I want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays from all of us on the JW Team. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday and new year. 2015 was jam packed full of great things and I know that 2016 will be even more spectacular.

I want to thank all of you that help made this year such a success! You have all help build such amazing community here. I feel blessed everyday that I get to continue doing with I love. I hope that this video brings a smile to your face.

I also want to take the time to single out +Robert Ziebol and +Andrew Tavernor for all the hard work and dedication that have done, not just for me, but for all of us in this community. I feel lucky to have them both on my team. 

I am very happy to announce our next stack for RapidWeaver… Impact.

Impact is an amazing slideshow with the most silky smooth cross fade on the web. Hands down. But calling it just a slideshow is a disservice. Impact will properly scale its contents to fit that layout that you want. You can use it for full screen hero headers, site banners or as a traditional slideshow within your content. Oh yeah, one more thing… it also supports video!


Buy Now:

Foundation for RW gets its biggest update yet!

Now that Stacks 3 has dropped, everyone finally can get access to the much anticipated Foundation for RapidWeaver v1.5 update. This update has even blown me away with how powerful it is. The above video reviews all of the nitty gritty details. But here is a short list of some of the major features. 

  • 6 new color swatches are available in Site Styles to be used across all of your Foundation elements. 
  • Tons of more advanced settings for power hungry users
  • Columns can now go the full width of the browser
  • You can customize paragraph sizing. You finally overcame my resistance!
  • Overhaul of about half of the Foundation stack suite. 
  • Global templates have been retired in favor of Stacks 3 partials. They are so amazeballs!
  • Aria Accessibility implemented across all components
  • New Structure stack to help with adding accessibility and structured data to your content. 
  • New SEO Helper stack makes it easy to add all of the meta tags that you want to your webpages. 

I am super excited about the possibilities that this update brings to you. I cannot wait to hear how it helps improve your webpages and business. 

Stacks 3 is Finally Here

I am so excited that Stacks 3 has finally launched. It has a ton of amazing new features that will revolutionize the way that we build websites. There are so many new features in Stacks 3. Here is a short list of my favorites:

  • New modern Ui that is both fast and flexible
  • Partials are so amazeballs
  • New Child-of stacks
  • Awesome new stacks settings controls
  • jQuery and Font Awesome are built-in
  • So much more

You can check out the big feature list over on the YourHead blog

In the above video, I review the new Stacks 3 features through the lens of the Foundation v1.5 update. This is the biggest update ever for both Stacks and Foundation. I hope that you like them both. 

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