“We’re not competing with the iPad. You can buy both if you want.” The iPad can do a lot more, but people who claim that it’s “killing” the Kindle are clearly not Kindle owners. Buy an iPad if you want to browse the internet, play music or video, check your email, or launch flaming peas at zombies. But when you want to settle down and read a book, the Kindle is a much better choice.

From Marco.org

But this is only true after the HUGE Kindle 3 price cuts. You can make the argument that e-reading a better experience at $130 vs. $500 for an iPad. That same argument didn’t hold water as much when it was $280+.

And honestly, I do think the fact they had to cut the cost so much IS proof that the iPad is eroding the Kindle’s business. As I’ve said for months, what the iPad has done is move the e-reader into a commodity item. $99 E-ink units aren’t far away, and that’s a market that is wholly separate from both the Kindle early-adopters and current iPad owners.

As an iPad owner, I can’t justify yet another gadget just so I can read by the pool. Even $130 is too much for me to justify getting another device, especially when I’m so happy with the reading experience on the iPad and its Kindle app.

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