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Party Time! Total CMS v1.2 with Blog

This is not your typical update, in fact it may be my largest update ever for any of my products. Total CMS v1.2 brings in 45 new stacks into the CMS. That is nuts! Most of these new stacks are for powering the revolutionary new Blog.

While the Blog is just getting released to the world today, its already a highly mature product. It has gone through a highly active public beta for the past 6 months. The sites that users are building using the new blog have been blowing me away. These are no longer your typical RapidWeaver sites.

Sites built with Total CMS and Blog can now stand toe-to-toe with any website built with Wordpress. I am even proud to say that Total CMS based sites have replaced at least (that I know of) 3 Wordpress sites out there already. And the clients are in love with them. They are reporting that the admin interface is much easier to use that they ever had with Wordpress.

Total CMS Blog contains all of the features that you would expect to see in a blog.

  • Fully customizable blog layouts
  • Multiple blogs on a single site
  • Search and filter posts by category, tags and author
  • RSS Feed generation
  • Sitemap.xml generation for SEO
  • SEO and Social meta tags are automatically generated for each blog post
  • Every blog post can have its own image gallery
  • Add images inline with your post content
  • The feature list can go on and on…

The blog isn’t the only thing amazing about this update. The rest of the CMS components saw a ton of bug fixes and enhancements as well. Here are some highlights.

  • There are now 50 macros that you can use to integrate CMS content inside your favorite 3rd party add-ons.
  • New Date Admin stack allows users to control dates. Example: Users can now control the dates used inside the Tardis stack from within the CMS.
  • Hipwig has been improved with colors, fullscreen edit, code view, character counter and more.

Last and definitely not least is that Total CMS now has an official API that 3rd party developers can leverage to easily integrate into Total CMS. There have already been some amazing stacks released. Check out the CMS Integrations page for details.

We have already done a bunch of great video around this Total CMS update. Here are a few that you may be interested in watching.

CMS for RapidWeaver v1.1 Update

The future is a little brighter

I am very happy with this update. It really smooths out pretty much all of the bumps that users have found since launch. It also adds some really great new components that I was not able to squeeze in for the initial launch. It also ships with a new integration with our Impact stack. This integration really illustrates how Total CMS will be used as a platform for other stacks moving forward. I am very excited for the future of CMS for RapidWeaver.

Updates Release Notes

New Video Tutorials

I have also recorded 8 new videos to review various CMS components. Make sure the check them out on my CMS videos on YouTube.

If you missed the CMS hangouts that happened last month, make sure to watch one of the recorded sessions as well.

Like and Review

If you are enjoying Total and Easy CMS. Please take time to like and review them on the Realmac Community site. While you are there take a few mins to like and review more of your favorite addons.

Replay Live Video Demos of CMS for RapidWeaver

Earlier this month I launch my new CMS for RapidWeaver. This represents the next big shift in designing professional websites using RapidWeaver. In order to help you realize its full potential, I scheduled over 14 live video hangouts in order to personally reach out to everyone all over the globe. The response was really overwhelming! However, not everyone who wanted to, was able to attend.

I recorded 2 of the live hangouts for you to watch at your leisure. Both sessions are very similar. However, since different people were online with each hangout, I do answer different questions. Each replay is around 2 hours long and they are completely unedited.

I hope that you enjoy these recorded sessions and you start using the power of the new CMS to make your websites even better.

Cheers, Joe

P.S. I have a new product launch coming later this week. It will really make an Impact… Stay tuned!

Edit your RapidWeaver sites online!

I am so happy to announce the next big thing in building websites with RapidWeaver. I present you with my CMS for RapidWeaver…


Two Online Editing Solutions

Easy CMS is targeted towards smaller websites where the only things that you need to edit are text and images.

Total CMS is a complete CMS solution for your RapidWeaver. On top of managing your text and images, Total CMS supports galleries, files, depots, news feeds and more. Yes, blogs will be coming soon. :-)

Helpful Links

Its pretty crazy how this all started on a RW Hangout about a year ago. I did a proof of concept on the fly using Foundation forms and some custom php… obviously what it is now, does not even come close to resembling what that was. But I am very happy with how its all turned out. I hope that you enjoy it.

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