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I am so excited today to announce a side project that I have been working on: The Weaver’s Space. Its a new online community for RapidWeaver users. 

Over the years I have used many platforms to communicate with my users. The first successful one was Glassboard. It was a great platform but in the end had to close its doors. After that we tried a few others but ultimately landed on Google+. Our Google+ group has been a massive success. So why move? Well Google has been changing things around and the new interface is not going in the direction that many of us like. 

By using a service for my community, I am giving up control of both the data and the future existence of the community. What is to say that Google closes down groups and my community and all of its history is gone. 

So I embarked on a journey to host my own community, where I have full control over the interface and have the peace of mind that it will be around for years to come. At first, this community was only going to be for my customers. However, I came to the conclusion that was a selfish point of view. If I were going to take the time to build an online community, I should make it available to everyone. This is when Weaver’s Space was born. 

Over time, I hope that more of the RapidWeaver developers come aboard. Once I feel that the server and applications hit a stable point, I will start allowing other developers to create their own spaces inside Weaver’s Space. 

I am really excited to to have this new community. I have a lot more things planned for it in the future. So head on over, sign up and help us make this new community great!

Foundation v1.6 is here

I released Foundation 1.6 (Theme + Stacks) last night and many of you have already been playing around with it. I have even released a v1.6.2 that resolved some issues that were not caught during testing.


Foundation 1.6 tries to focus on some small speed improvements again. The Page Speed options in SEO Helper have been really optimized for the Foundation theme. You should see small jumps in your Page Speed scores (because I know that you all love that so much). The Font Awesome rocket loader that was removed in v1.5 is back as well!

Duplicate Page Checker

We all have wasted time figuring out why our nice new website updates are not displaying when we publish. When the problem was that our webpage switched from html to php. Foundation now has a very convenient checker that will alert you when this happens.


The Foundation framework was updated to v5.5.3. This brings us tons of bug fixes and improvements for free. The CSS was also moved back into the theme. This means that you can use the Foundation theme without stacks again. Obviously, that means you would need to hand code your entire site.

Impact Integration

If you own the Impact stack, you will now see a new slide option when Foundation 1.6 is installed. This new Foundation slide allows you to use the features from the Foundation image stack so that you can define different images for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Full Release Notes


  • Foundation Framework updated to v5.5.3. We have many hundreds of fixes that come with this.
  • Foundation CSS loaded in the theme again, instead of via stacks.
  • Performance optimizations

Site Styles

  • Duplicate page checker now warns you inside RapidWeaver when you have both index.html and index.php files on your server.
  • P size settings now also affects lists

SEO Helper

  • Page Speed: Font Awesome rocket loader is back! It utilizes the Stacks Font Awesome version to prevent multiple versions from loading on the page.
  • Page Speed: More page optimizations to improve your Google Page Speed rankings
  • Twitter Cards: New twitter card options: Large Summary Cards, App Cards, Product Cards


  • You can now apply a color scheme to the contents of the column stacks. You can choose from the Alt and Swatch color schemes

Top Bar

  • Parent Link now shows when mobile menu is used on Tablet or Desktop
  • Mobile back link color now inherits from link color


  • Forms now have a small spinning in-progress indicator when the form is submitted

Impact Integration

  • You will now have the option to use an Foundation image inside the Impact stack when you have Foundation installed. This will allow you to define separate images for mobile, tablet and desktop.


  • Thanks for finding even more typos in my tooltips!

(This will probably be the last 1.x release of Foundation. Here comes Foundation 6!)

I want to wish you all a very Happy Holidays from all of us on the JW Team. We hope that you have a wonderful holiday and new year. 2015 was jam packed full of great things and I know that 2016 will be even more spectacular.

I want to thank all of you that help made this year such a success! You have all help build such amazing community here. I feel blessed everyday that I get to continue doing with I love. I hope that this video brings a smile to your face.

I also want to take the time to single out +Robert Ziebol and +Andrew Tavernor for all the hard work and dedication that have done, not just for me, but for all of us in this community. I feel lucky to have them both on my team. 

Cyber Monday! 50% Off All RapidWeaver Add-ons

This has been an amazing year for RapidWeaver, right? We have access to so many amazing tools that we have wanted for years. To celebrate, I am going to be doing my biggest sale ever on all of my products. This is a special event. I have not done a sale in over 2 years…

How to get the discount?

For any order over $50, you will automatically get 50% off your order. You do not need to enter any coupon codes, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

When is it?

You have 36 hours to capitalize on this great sale… don’t miss this window!

Starts: Sunday 12:00pm (US/Pacific GMT-8) Ends: Monday 11:59pm (US/Pacific GMT-8)

What can you get?

There are no limits! This sale applies to everything in my store. Here are some suggestions on huge savings…

Thank you for being an awesome and loyal customer. I hope that you are able to pick up some more awesome tools to help make your websites great.



CMS for RapidWeaver v1.1 Update

The future is a little brighter

I am very happy with this update. It really smooths out pretty much all of the bumps that users have found since launch. It also adds some really great new components that I was not able to squeeze in for the initial launch. It also ships with a new integration with our Impact stack. This integration really illustrates how Total CMS will be used as a platform for other stacks moving forward. I am very excited for the future of CMS for RapidWeaver.

Updates Release Notes

New Video Tutorials

I have also recorded 8 new videos to review various CMS components. Make sure the check them out on my CMS videos on YouTube.

If you missed the CMS hangouts that happened last month, make sure to watch one of the recorded sessions as well.

Like and Review

If you are enjoying Total and Easy CMS. Please take time to like and review them on the Realmac Community site. While you are there take a few mins to like and review more of your favorite addons.

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