Integrating Dash into Alfred

This post goes over Dash and Alfred (PowerPack is a must have). They are two awesome apps that I use everyday. You should check them out.

Dash is a great app for searching language documentation. However, since it’s an external app I almost always forget to use it. I think this is because Alfred is engrained in my brain and if I ever want to know something I just start typing it into Alfred, hit enter and Google results magically appear.

Luckily Dash supports a custom url scheme of dash://. This means that it’s insanely simple to integrate into Alfred (and LaunchBar if you use that). Here is a quick screenshot of how I set it up. You can also click here to install. (I stole the Dash image from their website.)

Now I can simply type “dash my query” into Alfred and it will magically open the results into Dash. Now if you want to limit your search results to a particular docset, then you can prepend your query with the docset labels that are defined in the Dash preferences.

Now go forth and automate!

UPDATE: I got a tip from @kapeli after I posted this. You should not have any whitespace in your query string. The whitespace is used as an in-page find delimiter. I updated the screenshot to remove the space as well. 

UPDATE (04/15/2012): With the release of Aflred 2, there is now an official Dash workflow for Alfred. Its very full featured!