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I told you that we were going full throttle! Even though we just released the awesome Points stack less than a week ago, today I am happy to release our new Parallax stack!

Buy Now:

This stack has been in the works for some time. Its by far the easiest way to implement Parallax backgrounds on your websites. Now go forth and make your websites hip!


I am proud to present you with the new Points stack. I have wanted to create a responsive image map for some time. I had acquired this stack from Jonas Themes last year. However, I needed to put a lot of work into it so that my vision for the stack could be realized. I have added a bunch of functionality to the stack and I am very happy with the results.

I look forward to seeing what you can build with Points. Now go forth, have a wonderful weekend and, as always, make your websites great!


One last big update for the month! This was so close to being a 2.0 update (but I have bigger plans for that). Post Office v1.6 has been completely revamped and modernized. It Add support for Sendy and sports awesome new styles and easier form builder.

I hope that you enjoy this update over the weekend! I think that I have earned a trip to the mountains for the weekend. See you all on Monday!

Important Update Note: This update will be like the Jack 4 update was. Existing instances have been renamed “PO Legacy”. To get the new functionality, you will need to add the new Post Office stack to the page. You existing instances will continue to function properly though. 

You don't know Jack? Then let's teach you...

Jack Video Series

Thank you for purchasing the Jack stack for RapidWeaver. Jack is a very powerful stack and all of the setting can definitely be overwhelming when you first start out. However, I promise that the more that you use Jack, the better you will be able to harness its power.

We have created over 60 minutes of tutorials that review every aspect of Jack. So open your minds can get ready to learn!

Jack Video Series:
Jack Docs & FAQs:

I hope that you enjoy Jack and really use it to its fullest. Now go forth and make your websites great!


Since the release of Foundation, users have been really clamoring for more ways to make their websites stand out even more. Eclipse allows you to easily add HD video, images and slideshows to your site background. Get ready to take your sites to the next level…

I should note that Eclipse works amazingly well with open themes such as my Foundation theme. However, it does work with any theme. I am excited to see all of the amazing site that will be taken to the next level with Eclipse.


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