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One last big update for the month! This was so close to being a 2.0 update (but I have bigger plans for that). Post Office v1.6 has been completely revamped and modernized. It Add support for Sendy and sports awesome new styles and easier form builder.

I hope that you enjoy this update over the weekend! I think that I have earned a trip to the mountains for the weekend. See you all on Monday!

Important Update Note: This update will be like the Jack 4 update was. Existing instances have been renamed “PO Legacy”. To get the new functionality, you will need to add the new Post Office stack to the page. You existing instances will continue to function properly though. 

You don't know Jack? Then let's teach you...

Jack Video Series

Thank you for purchasing the Jack stack for RapidWeaver. Jack is a very powerful stack and all of the setting can definitely be overwhelming when you first start out. However, I promise that the more that you use Jack, the better you will be able to harness its power.

We have created over 60 minutes of tutorials that review every aspect of Jack. So open your minds can get ready to learn!

Jack Video Series:
Jack Docs & FAQs:

I hope that you enjoy Jack and really use it to its fullest. Now go forth and make your websites great!


Since the release of Foundation, users have been really clamoring for more ways to make their websites stand out even more. Eclipse allows you to easily add HD video, images and slideshows to your site background. Get ready to take your sites to the next level…

I should note that Eclipse works amazingly well with open themes such as my Foundation theme. However, it does work with any theme. I am excited to see all of the amazing site that will be taken to the next level with Eclipse.


MovingBox 2 pushes the boundaries even further


We have been working on MovingBox 2 since the summer and its finally here! I have to say that this new version has far exceeded my expectations or what I had originally envisioned. MovingBox is defintely the slider stack to have in your arsenal. It is so versatile. You can build sliders, carousels, synced slider containers and so much more.

You may not know that MovingBox has some history in the RapidWeaver community. It was the very first ever slider that was made into a stack. It really pushed the boundaries of what a stack could do at the time. This release is no different. Be prepared to be amazed…


Buy Now:

I cannot wait to see what you guys do with MovingBox. Have a fabulous weekend. Happy Weaving!



Happy Holidays from the JW Team

My team and I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays! During the holidays, we are supposed to reflect on what we are thankful for. I am thankful that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love. Yes, I love coding and problem solving. But I also love interacting and working with you and all of my customers.

Online companies traditionally are very impersonal. I love trying to flip that on its head and create a global small town corner store where we all can interact and get to know each other. Its blows my mind how close we can connect with customers from all over the world; from Australia, to all throughout the United States and Europe. And I get to help these friends make beautiful websites. I can’t imagine having it any better.

Thank you so much for not only being a valued customer but a friend in our community. I hope that you are enjoying our products and using them to make your websites great. Have a wonderful holiday and do something great in 2015. Read on to see what amazing things we have in store for you.

Cheers, Joe

P.S. Don’t forget about a couple holiday promotions that we have going…

  • Tardis: $5 off with checkout code drwho
  • Jack 4: $5 off with checkout code jack4

2014 Recap

We hope that you 2014 was an amazing one for you. It definitely was for us. Here is a quick recap of some of the amazing things that happened this year.

  • We shipped some great new stacks this year: Font Awesome, Footnotes, SoundCloud, Placeholder, Jack 4, QuickFlip 3, Tardis, Glass and…
  • Arguably the biggest event this year was the release of Foundation theme and stacks. The positive response to Foundation has been more than we could have ever dreamed. Thank you to everyone that has helped make it so awesome.
  • We expanded our product offering even further by acquiring the products from 3 other developers. We now have a nice selection of themes!
    • With Pressure Designs, we entered into the theme market , and launched 8 more stacks not mentions above.
    • Jonas Themes brought some super modern and hip themes to our lineup. It also brought in a couple stacks. Columnist has already been released. Points will be coming soon.
    • El-Stacko has been a staple in the Rapidweaver community for years. With 18 exciting stacks, We can’t wait to re-introduce our versions in 2015.
  • You know that we are not just about shipping new products. We also shipped 310 updates to existing stacks and served over 11 million update requests in 2014. I hope that you all appreciate all the new features and fixes.
  • We implemented an all new Doc Portal for our products that now has over 1000 tutorials and FAQs to help you make your websites great.
  • We have tried a few different community services over the past couple of years and this year we found a winner. The Rapidweaver Community on Google+ has really taken off. We are rapidly approaching 500 users! If you have not checked it out, it’s a fabulous place to connect with other weavers. It has a very positive and encouraging atmosphere.
  • An extension of the RW+ community are the fun and addicting RW Hangouts that we hold every Friday. This is where I get to connect up to 10 fellow weavers around the world face-to-face. These have become invaluable to me.
  • Last but not least, Rapidweaver 6 shipped. I love the new interface and new features that we have all wanted for years. Realmac has also put together a new and improved RapidWeaver Addons Site. I am more excited about the future than I ever have been.

This list is insane right? I always feel that I never get enough done when I am stuck in the thick of things, digging through lines of code. Its been very interesting looking back at what was accomplished this year. I guess the saying is true that we tend to over estimate what we can do in the short term and under estimate what we can accomplish long term.

What’s Next? 2015

I am not going to let up on the throttle. We have some really amazing things coming in 2015. We already have several things in the works, including our new EasyCMS that is getting rave reviews from testers. I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it. I wish that I could tell you more but this only scratches the surface of what else we have planned.

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