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El-Stacko Update Fiesta

At the end of last year, I acquired the products from a few other stack developers. El-Stacko had a very loyal following and I know everyone has been anticipating what my plans are for the stacks. Most of the stacks now have complimenting stacks that are already apart of my offering. A few of them are also on the roadmap for a re-release.

All existing El-Stacko users will be receiving emails this week on how they can get discounted updates to my versions of the stacks.

Lets review each stack now…

Show/Hide Content: Exposer Pro -> Peek-A-Boo

Exposer Pro may have been the most popular El-Stacko stack. Lucky my Peek-A-Boo is already released and it an amazing alternative. PAB is a great way to dynamically show and hide content. Exposer stack users will love the extra power and simplicity that Peek-A-Boo brings.

Transparent Backgrounds: El-Tinto -> Glass

Glass provides beautiful transparent backgrounds. El-Tinto users will also enjoy a simpler setup and more options for background styles.

Fancy Boxes: El-Box-o & El-Callbox-o -> Jack

Jack is “the” stack out there for creating advanced containers. Jack does so much more that anything else out there. The El-Box-o stacks only have a fraction of Jack’s functionality. So there is a lot of extra power here for users that want to update.

I should not that Jack does not have the border functionality of El-Callbox-o yet. It may be something that could be added in an update if users show enough desire for this to happen.

Animated Image Captions: El-Winko -> Popup Caption

Popup Caption is very close functionality wise to El-Winko. The double caption is not currently possible but its something that may be added in a future update.

Sliding Container: El-Slider-o -> Glider

We took Glider over from Pressure Designs last year and have really added a lot of functionality into it since. Its become the goto stack for many users. El-Slider-o users will love the upgrade.

Lightbox: El-Dorado & El-Sexy-o -> Expose

Everyone loves lightboxes and the El-Stacko lightbox stacks were no exception. El-Sexy-o’s icon will be forever etched into the RapidWeaver history books! Expose is our current goto responsive lightbox stack. Its very versatile and powerful. Its not an exact one-to-one match feature wise. However, we have some tricks up our sleeves coming this year.

Accordion: Sidewinder -> Squeezebox

Sidewinder was a horizontal accordion stack. Squeezebox is out vertical accordion stack. Its not an exact match but I wanted to be able to provide users with an alternative. I have added a horizontal option to my roadmap. However, in a responsive design world, the UX for that will be tough.

Coming Someday

The following stacks currently don’t have alternatives in my stacks toolbox. I have added them to my roadmap to release in the future. However, I don’t have any sort of timeframe for when they will be released at this time.

  • El-Text-o (not too far away)
  • El-Kwix-o
  • El-Book-o (Check out this WeaverPix theme for now)

Foundation 1.3 - Your site has never been this fast

Check out Foundation for RapidWeaver at

I am happy to announce our third big update to Foundation is here. If I had just one word to sum it all up, it would be SPEED!!!

We pioneered some new asset loading techniques that no other RapidWeaver addon as done before. But don’t worry, we will be sharing all of this our fellow developer community so that all of your websites are faster. Not just the ones built with Foundation. :-)

Here are the release notes for all 3 Foundation stack packs:

Here are a short list of what I feel are the biggest highlights:

  • Foundation will produce the fastest websites you have ever had.
  • The Foundation theme can now be autoupdated via Waterfall
  • Google font rendering has been enhanced with new settings for fallback fonts, custom weight definitions and more.
  • Form templates have been improved and you can now add a reply-to field.
  • Off Canvas got a nice work over with some new settings and better performance.

I told you that we were going full throttle! Even though we just released the awesome Points stack less than a week ago, today I am happy to release our new Parallax stack!

Buy Now:

This stack has been in the works for some time. Its by far the easiest way to implement Parallax backgrounds on your websites. Now go forth and make your websites hip!


I am proud to present you with the new Points stack. I have wanted to create a responsive image map for some time. I had acquired this stack from Jonas Themes last year. However, I needed to put a lot of work into it so that my vision for the stack could be realized. I have added a bunch of functionality to the stack and I am very happy with the results.

I look forward to seeing what you can build with Points. Now go forth, have a wonderful weekend and, as always, make your websites great!


One last big update for the month! This was so close to being a 2.0 update (but I have bigger plans for that). Post Office v1.6 has been completely revamped and modernized. It Add support for Sendy and sports awesome new styles and easier form builder.

I hope that you enjoy this update over the weekend! I think that I have earned a trip to the mountains for the weekend. See you all on Monday!

Important Update Note: This update will be like the Jack 4 update was. Existing instances have been renamed “PO Legacy”. To get the new functionality, you will need to add the new Post Office stack to the page. You existing instances will continue to function properly though. 

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