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Tabulous 2 is Here

Innovative Site Nav with Compass

Compass is a new and innovative way to navigate through your website. It analyze your site’s navigation menu and provides previous and next links for the corresponding pages in the menu. Compass also ships with 300 different navigation arrow images that you can use to jazz things up.

Compass Product Page

New Searchpath Stack

A nice custom site search is difficult to implement. Most website simply piggyback on search engines such as Google or DuckDuckGo. However, came on to the scene earlier this year and I think its pretty cool. It’s a freemium search service that lets you implement fast and simple search directly onto your website.

I am releasing a FREE Searchpath Stack so that you can easily integrate and customize Searchpath into your RapidWeaver websites.

Download the Searchpath Stack

New Floaty Stack

The out of the box float stacks are great. However, they have there limitations. I find that I want to sometime add data above the text area that will be flush at the top with the floating content. Floaty makes that possible! It also adds responsive support so that the content still looks great on all devices. The content will be displayed in a single column on iPhone (or similar width) mobile devices.

Floaty is available for only 95¢. For more details and demos, head over to the Floaty product page.

Kiwi Safari Extension Update

The Safari Extension for Kiwi received its first update today. The keyboard shortcut was changed to be shift-ctrl-p. This will prevent some accidental triggering of the extension that users were experiencing with the original shortcut.

You can obtain your update via Safari Preferences. By default Safari will automatically update all extensions.

You can also re-download the extension from Kiwi Services on Github.

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