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I am happy to finally release these 3 stacks that have been in the works for a long time. 


When you hover over QuickFlip, it flips over like a card to reveal contents on the other side. It uses amazing CSS3 animations that work beautifully on all modern borwsers and mobile devices. QuickFlip offers many different flip styled animations along some great bonus shift accent effects.

Upgrade discounts have been emailed to all existing stack owners. 


Tardis is a set of 3 stacks that let you control time. You can control when certain content will be displayed based on a start and end dates along with time. Tardis Days allows you to control which days of the week or month content is displayed. Tardis Time allows you to insert the current time or the last published time of a webpage. Start scheduling your content today!

$5 launch special with code drwho (ends 1/1/2015)


Glass is all about transparency. Add full transparency to your borders and backgrounds. Glass supports the following backgrounds: solid color, images, and gradients. It has wonderful gradient building tools that can produce beautiful effects. If you like Glass, make sure to check out its big brother Jack.

That preview site is wicked cool right!?!

Jack 4 is finally here! Your new best friend...


Jack (formerly Styled Stack) has been around for a long time. However, Jack 3 never felt right to me. It was very slow to work with in Stacks Edit Mode. The biggest problem was that I did a poor job at teaching people how to really get the most out of the stack. Because of this Jack 4 is a free update to all existing users!

Well I am happy to say that I think that I fixed all of that with Jack 4. Working with Jack in edit mode is a breeze. The stack was completely rewritten from scratch. To show you all of the amazing things that you can do with Jack, I built an entire demo website purely for showing you all of the things that Jack can accomplish for you.

Jack Product Page:
Jack Demo Site:

What’s Changed?

1. Complete rewrite of Jack!
2. Jack is now exponentially faster to use in Edit Mode
3. All hover effects now require the Jack Hover stack
4. New proportional height options
5. New flexible height options based on either the browser height or parent stack
6. You can now rotate Jack
7. Border opacity for transparent borders
8. Improved background gradients
9. Improved background opacity for all background types
10. Animate your backgrounds! Works best with tiles
11. Completely redone shadows with all of the controls that you could ever dream of
12. New Peek and Raised Corner special shadows

Existing Jack 3 stacks

All existing Jack stacks on your page will continue to function. However, they will not gain any of the new Jack functionality. You will notice that they have been renamed to Jack Legacy. You can still modify them and they will work 100%. When adding new Jack stacks to the page, you will get all of the new awesomeness!

Launch Discount

If you do not own Jack yet, I am offering a $5 discount until the end of 2014. Simply use the code “jack4” at checkout.

Cyber Monday Blowout

I have traditionally not taken apart of the Cyber Monday craziness. However, this year was a big year with the release of Foundation. And I really have not done many sales for a long time. I am totally making up for that with the biggest sale that I have ever done. Happy Weaving!

40% OFF RapidWeaver Addons 


(Bundles Not Included)


The Columnist stack is here! This stack really reimagines responsive layout. It will dynamically layout your content into equally size columns. These columns will nicely response to the device width to ensure that you visitors have a pleasant reading experience. 

Head over to the Columnist Homepage for more info.

Launch Special

Get $5 off the Columnist stack for the first 2 weeks. Simply use the code Columnist at checkout.

I hope that you all enjoy this stack. I am really excited about this one. 

If anyone is using on their Mac, here is a quick shortcut for searching my Doc Portal. Click on the link below and it should automatically install the custom search for you… 

Click Here to Install

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